The 3 Best Electric Bikes to Buy

Find the right E-Bike for you!

The Highly congested roads and highways result in us being stuck for many hours in traffic. So the public where praying for a more eco-friendly way of transporting while saving money on the gas they were paying for. Their prayers have been answered, the E-Bike has come to solve everyone's problem with the road, these powerful modes of transportation has recently become a trend and for good reason. The E-Bike has saved people all around the globe countless of hours while making them in good shape, and saving money. As E-Bikes increase in admiration in one country at a time, now there is a specific E-Bike for a specific purpose, the sheer variety will ensure that you make the right choice.


What is an E-Bike?

An E-Bike simply put is a bicycle that runs on electricity. The E-Bike has all the normal components of the normal bicycle but with a few extra parts:

1.Electric Motor


3.Mid Drive Motor

4.Hub Motors

5.Display and control system

Electric Bikes are not complicated at all and since E-Bikes have become a world wide trend a variety of different models have been introduced to suit everyone's needs and to not waste your time here are our best three electric bikes that will satisfy your needs whatever they are.


The CHEETAH Cafe Racer Fat Tire Electric Bike by REVIBIKES is a Very Sleek, Very BADA$$, Full-Size Fat-Tire Electric Bicycle.  With it's inspiration from a Vintage Motorcycle, this baby has a unique battery in the frame designed to look like a gas tank, and comes with two battery size options; big (13AH) and bigger (17.5AH).  

The CHEETAH comes equipped with both Throttle-control and a Smooth-Mellow Pedal-Assist - it is a Class 3 - 28 MPH eBike so check your local laws.  With it's 26 x 4.0 Extra Wide High Volume Fat Tires, Powerful 750 watt Geared Hub Motor from Bafang and a Max Capacity of 330 lbs., the CHEETAH - CAFE RACER - can take you just about anywhere - AND YOU WILL LOOK REALLY GOOD DOING IT.   

The CHEETAH by REVIBIKES is perfect for urban living and touring through the countryside!  

2.Eunorau Fat-HS

The Eunorau Fat-HS 48V is a beast of a bike that gives you a tremendous amount of torque and ride for the price. Equipped with a 1000W BAFANG mid-drive motor, power is not an issue with this e-bike. That combined with the 9 speed SHIMANO drivetrain gives you plenty of options when you are on different terrain. While designed more for being an off-road e-bike, there is no question you can take your HS on the road as well. The 4" tires and comfortable seat make for a good ride wherever you are headed. The standard 14ah battery is located inside of the down tube but this E-Bike was specifically designed to accommodate an optional 14ah or 17ah second battery that mounts on the top tube. A cool e-bike for the cool customer. 

1.Eunorau Specter S

Now for our top pick we have got the Eunorau Specter S and for good reason. This ride has a lot going for it, the Specter S with it's advanced motor can go up to 35 mph and in the E-bike world this is nothing short of spectacular. It being a mid drive bike it's gearing could be leveraged for maximum torque. It also has a torque sensor that helps synchronize it's power output with your own, meaning the harder you peddle the harder the motor works and this is the most responsive E-bike we have ever tried due to the zero latency between motor activation and pedal activation which leads to an experience of feeling you are one with your e-bike. The battery setup is also more superior than that of any E-bike due to the option of the secondary battery which will double your range. They also sport tires that can withstand anything from sand to snow which makes the Specter S the ideal bike for any situation. If you looking for the best experience possible The Specter S is our top choice.