The Guide To Buying Your Electric Bike

People need to be physically involved, running, biking, or some sort physical activity that will allow you to exert energy. Cycling is one of the most popular forms of adopting a fitness lifestyle and for good reason, cycling has been proven to be one of the best forms of exercise due to a level of metabolic activation that simply cannot be matched. So why E-Bikes? For many reasons but most importantly speed. E-Bike motors can propel you at up to 20, or 28 MPH which provides a much more pleasurable experience than riding your normal bike would provide. Which made E-Biking prove it's worth across the years with a lot to give. 

Cycling is an eternal way for travel and by simply adding an electric Motor to your bike you create a new monster of increased strength and propulsion. Your E-Bike will bring you to your destination faster and in better shape. So in a nutshell E-Bikes are a cheap, efficient, and emission free transportation(you can literally charge it anywhere).


How Do E-Bikes Work

E-Bikes look remarkably similar to regular bikes. The distinction between them is the addition of the following components.

  • Battery
  • Sensors
  • Electric Motor
  • Brake 
  • Pedal Sensor

The Battery delivers high power the engine and can be recharged using a solar panel. Once a rider begins to push harder, the pedaling sensors will send a signal to the engine, providing high power to support rider in steep hills and long distance riding.



Operation of the E-Bike

An E-Bike is a normal bike at its core. The E-Bike uses it's external components to provide high efficiency for the user. Most high quality electric bikes are fitted with the pedal-assist feature. The system allows for the possibility for the rider to get a satisfying workout but with an added push for the rider to reach their destination at a much better time, with a much better experience than the normal bike. There are three main models used for pedal assisting which are:

1.Full Electric


3.Full Pedal Assist System

Full Electric: Full Electric allows you to relax and let the motor do it's art, to activate this mode you rotate the throttle on the left hand handlebar and the motor will do the rest, and if you decide that you want to pedal you can just let go.

Electrical Assist: Electrical Pedal Assist Gives you the advantage to combine your energy output and that of the motor. When you turn on this mode from the handlebar, the motor transmits electrical power only when you push and you can also switch gears to take advantage of a higher torque and pace. This mode is by far the most enjoyable as it makes pedaling feel effortless and allows for an elevated experience of the environment. And this mode allows for variety where you can control how much assist is given to you by the bike to choose your level of assistance based on your individual situation. 

Full Pedal: This mode is pretty self explanatory you ride your E-Bike just like you would ride your regular bike if you want to have that experience and based on the model that you choose you can have up to 8 gears. 



Variety of E-Bikes

Over the past few years the demand for E-Bikes has reached an all time high which led manufacturers creating many different types of electrical bikes. When it comes to purchasing an E-Bike, two fundamental categories will help narrow it down: Quality and Price. Each of these considerations should help you shorten your search and find the right E-Bike for your purposes.

Cycling riders off all sorts make the electric switch including mountain bikers and road bikers who want to add a better experience with their ride. So E-Bike manufacturers responded to the prayers of the riders by providing an incredibly wide variety of different styles to suit your specific needs.  


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An electrical Mountain Bike will provide Extreme performance and durability to allow for long distance travel, they can also be brought anywhere without losing range, with intense power for the most rugged trails.

Price Range: $1000 - $5000




Electric Cruiser Bike:

The electric cruiser bike is designed for class and relaxation and high comfort. They have wide handle bars with big soft seats which provides the rider the option to cruise with the bike for as long as wanted without any form of discomfort. With a high performance motor it can travel at 25 mph

Price Range: $1000 - $5000



Electric Folding Bikes


Electric folding Bicycles is basically a pedal powered bicycle with an electrical motor installed which helps reduce effort, and make a speedier ride, it can reach up to 25 mph. It is also optimal for people that are always on the go due to it being folding.

Price Range $1000 - $3000



E-Trikes is a three-wheel bicycle with a motor to provide pedal assist, there are two main types of E-trikes and they come in two types. The types are a front mounted motor and a mid-mounted motor. While riding E-Trikes you can always choose to stop pedaling altogether and just enjoy the view while racing through the terrain of your choice. These models can reach up to 20mph and are incredibly reliable to use on a day to day basis.

Price Range $2000 - $7000



Fat Tire E-Bikes

Fat Tire E-bikes are usually the fastest out there they come in many styles and are often referred to as the adventure bike and for good reason, they can withstand almost any terrain due to their exceptional tire size. Other than their speed and their significant advantage of performing in any environment these bikes also look incredibly stylish which makes them one of the most appealing E-Bikes out there.

Price Range: $1000 - $5000



Step Thru E-Bikes

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Step Thru bikes are incredibly effective for daily use for busy people, they are perfect for anyone who is needing of protecting their attire and can also be stupendously helpful for people recovering from foot injuries due to their excessive comfort in using, and at a roaring speed of approximately 25mph.

Price Range: $2000 - $6000



Hunting E-Bikes

Hunting E-bikes are on of the more recent E-Bikes on the market but due to its incredible effectiveness it has become one of the most requested type of E-bikes out there, this is due to it’s incredible advantage that is given while hunting, and it’s ability to withstand even the most extreme of terrains. You can also maneuver them stealthily without alerting predators to you which provided a superior hunting experience to anyone who has tried it.

Price Range: $1000 - $5000

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Benefits of using E-Bikes

1.Higher Fitness Level

A study conducted by the University of Basel concluded that riding an E-bikes is the same as riding regular bikes when it comes to your fitness improvement, and they can also be customized to suit your fitness needs. So get your bike and get ready go down a shirt size.


2.Saving Money!

Using an E-bike is one of the most effective ways to save money. Petroleum and diesel can be unbelievably expensive. By using an E-Bike you just charge your bike, and you are ready to go, with no extra expenses.


3.Improving the environment

By not producing pollution, E-Bikes are considered astonishingly eco-friendly. So, save your planet by opting for healthier options. Did you know that in a few years 8% of the current species will disappear due to global warming? You can always help benefit the planet by opting for healthier options.


 4.Easier commute

E-Bikes can prove superbly useful in traffic, you can navigate your way through tight spots that cars cant go through and at a speed that regular bikes just cannot match. So if you want to save some time we recommend you grab an E-bike as soon as possible.


 5.They are just fun to ride!

We Can tell you all the benefits for as long as we want but if E-bikes are not enjoyable to ride no one will ever buy them. But luckily for you riding an E-bike may just be one of the things that you will never get used to how exhilarating it is.




There is a place for everyone in the E-Bike world whether you are a pro are just a cycle enthusiast you will find a great experience riding an E-Bike. You should always look for the best and most affordable options available. You should also research all the specs of the E-Bike of your choice because having the right E-Bike for you will make the ultimate difference in how you experience your ride. Creating a list will also help you make a better choice. We hope that by the help of this post you can make a more informed decision on which bike you’ll choose to buy and feel free to contact us at anytime if you have further questions, so feel free to explore our collections and we hope to hear from you soon.